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Xufu Village

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Location: Lianyungang
Address: Ganyu County, Lianyungang, Jiangsu, China
Route: Take a taxi to the site


Xu Fu, an official working for the first Emperor, Qinshihuang, in the Qin Dynasty, was dispatched by the emperor for an ocean-crossing trip in 219 A.D to look for herbs that could make the emperor immortal. However, Xu Fu and his team, including many technicians and security troops, never came back. Nobody knew whether he and his fleet arrived successfully in these islands in the opposite of the ocean or died on the way to their destination. But in Japan, there is a park and a tomb titled with his name and nobody really knows how to explain these things.

Xu Fu Village was his hometown at that time that is now located in Ganyu County, a jurisdictional subdivision of Lianyungang City. Xu Fu left his village to start his voyage. Locals erected a temple and a tombstone with his name in memory of him.

A historical site to visit

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